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--- Guangdong Telecom's ITSP 3.0, a new generation of integrated resource management system successfully running on the line

    On January 10th, 2015, 9 o'clock in the morning, after one year of arduous struggle, three months of delicate preparation, 18 hours of tight cutover and verification, the first new generation of integrated resource management system(SmartAnt), built by CCS SOFT, who based on the China Telecom Group's ITSP3.0 standard, successfully runs on line in Guangdong Telecom's Zhuhai pilot. After the system running on line, each service performance is stable, and overall operation is in good condition. Through building this new generation of integrated resource project, Guangdong Telecom historically builds a strong "platform+application" IT structure that can support huge amounts of business, and takes the lead to realize the practice of _??9159ITSP OSS 3.0 plan, which spells a new chapter for China Telecom's intensive operation._4445.com

      Guangdong Telecom is the largest business unit of China Telecom Group, and its business income and volume of business account for one-fifth of China, having the most vast communications network, business scale and subscriber number in China. ITSP 3.0, the new generation of integrated resource project is with wide content, great difficulty, short time and extremely great project complexity in Guangdong Telecom constructing, which is a tough challenge to all parties. In the process of constructing, the project group not only integrates equipments and pipeline system successfully, migrates all professional network and data, covers and supports nearly all Access and Bandwidth product business of China Telecom, but also transforms and completes the interfaces of more than 10 sets of external system, relating to CRM, service provisioning, all-round operation and so on, which finishes the connection, development ,on line of about 4000 functions and 2000 business cases altogether. The successful implementation of the new generation of integrated management system fully displays the excellent quality of products and high-level of project delivery.

      While preparing the system to run, the vice presidents-Zhang Guoxin and Xu Cong, and other senior leaders of China Telecom in Guangdong attached great importance to this project, rushing to Zhuhai scene to inspect many times, highly recognizing project group's work, and placing high hope to new system on line. In the period of system cutover, the general manager Tu Weidong, vice-general manager Chen Sencai of CCS SOFT accompanied the leaders from Guangdong Telecom's Department of Enterprise and of Network Operate to guide the on line process of whole system on the cutover spot, speaking highly of CCS SOFT technical experts' enthusiasm to work and achievement and giving great encouragement and care to whole project.

    After the successful on line of this system, CCS SOFT will make persistent efforts, accelerating the promotion in Guangdong whole province, and contributing our due share to the realization of China Telecom's ITSP3.0 plan and intensive operation of whole network with all our strength.


 Figure 1 the vice presidents-Zhang Guoxin and Xu CongOf China Telecom in Guangdong inspecting on Zhuhai testing spot


 Figure 2 Command Center of on line cutover -Guangzhou Main Meeting Room and Zhuhai extra Meeting Room

Figure3 Leaders from Guangdong Telecom's Department of Enterprise and of Network Operate, and CCS SOFT guide on line work on cutover spot

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